Tests and Results




The Blood Clinic

We have Blood clinics running at Hanham Health and they operate Monday to Friday between 08:10 am -12:20pm.  These are busy clinics and so they are by appointment only.

All routine blood test requests by the GP are handled in these clinics as is any hospital requests. Please note that if you have a hospital request, you will need to bring this into the surgery in writing.

Certain blood tests need to be carried out at specific times.

Examples are:

  • Blood levels for certain drugs e.g. Digoxin or Lithium need to be taken at certain times you will need to check this with the clinic or your doctor.
  • Fasting samples – your doctor or nurse may request a fasting blood sample these are usually for Glucose or Cholesterol. If a fasting sample is required, patients must not eat from midnight the previous evening and can only drink water, black tea or black coffee (but no sugar!) Therefore it is advisable to make one of these earlier in the morning.

test results


Obtaining your blood test results

Once your blood has been taken it will get labelled and sent to the laboratories at the local hospitals. Most results will be back a week from the day the blood was taken. You can usually ring up for your results after this time or complete an online Anima requesting your results. Please be aware that some blood tests may take a little longer to come back to the surgery.

If the doctor has seen the result and reported on it, the receptionist will usually be able to read you this report. Please note that for confidentiality reasons only the patient or carer may be able to ring for the results.

To prevent phone congestion,  results will only be able to be given after 2pm.


Urine Testing

You may be asked to provide a urine sample by your doctor or nurse. You can collect a white, topped bottle from reception along with a testing form if asked to do so. The lab will not accept a sample unless it is provided in a correct sample bottle. If you are leaving a specimen for testing please ensure that you have written your name, date of birth, and the date of the sample, on the sample bottle, and that you have completed the form.

Urine can often be tested at the surgery to look for signs of infection. The sample may also be sent to lab for testing. Please leave it about a week before phoning for the results of your urine test.


Stool samples

You may be asked to provide a stool sample. A doctor or nurse can provide you with a container. The lab will not accept samples if they are not collected with the appropriate container.


Stool sample results

The results from stool samples can take up to two weeks depending on the test that has been requested. Please telephone the surgery to find out if your result is back yet.

Enquiries about tests ordered by the hospital should usually be directed to the Consultant’s secretary at the hospital.