From the Partners of Hanham Health - 11th April 2024

Dear Patients,

You may have seen the recent letter published by the Partners of Kingswood Health Centre on 4th April regarding the challenges of providing General Practice services at the present time.
The Partners of Hanham Health recognise the pressures that Kingswood describe and share the same concerns, along with many of our colleagues across the country.
Our priority is to provide safe and timely access to appropriate care for our patients, coupled with sustainable and rewarding employment for our staff.

Nationally, demand for appointments has increased 20% since before the pandemic, whilst the cost of delivering services, maintaining facilities, and recruiting staff and paying them fairly have risen significantly.
Regrettably funding has not increased to match this combination of factors and so we are faced with increasing difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff, leading to longer waiting times for non-urgent appointments. We are working hard to make improvements and savings wherever possible, however there is a limit to what we can achieve when many of these factors are outside our direct control.
This situation cannot continue indefinitely.

For patients who need help, the NHS website ( can provide help and guidance for many common illnesses and conditions, so please try to use this resource where possible before contacting us.
If you contact us, and your need is urgent we aim to see you on the same day. We may direct you to Pharmacy First, where local pharmacies can support you for certain conditions, or use other services to help you get the help you need in the most timely manner. If we need to see you and it is not urgent, you may need to wait longer for an appointment at the Practice.

We thank you for your patience and understanding, especially on behalf of our dedicated and hard working staff who are sometimes subjected to abuse as a result of this difficult situation.
If you would like to show further support for General Practice you may wish to write to your MP.
As your GPs we are concerned about what the future holds for General Practice and, like our colleagues at Kingswood and across the country, will continue to advocate for our patients.
Ultimately we want the same thing – a safe and sustainable General Practice for all.

The Partners
Hanham Health

Published: Apr 11, 2024