Mutual Respect




We aim to treat our patients with courtesy at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way.

The NHS and this practice operate a policy of Zero Tolerance of any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour towards any staff member, or towards any other patient.

  • If a patient behaves in an aggressive, violent or abusive manner they will be warned to stop.
  • In the event of further difficulty we will exercise our right to take action to remove them from our patient list.
  • In the case of physical abuse we will immediately report the incident to the Police and will work with them to prosecute the assailants.

We will not tolerate any form of threat, violence or abuse, whether verbal or physical, towards any person on the practice premises.


Lateness Policy

There is a consistently high level of demand for our services, so it’s very important that you arrive on time for your appointments. Of course, our clinicians will not turn anyone away who has a genuine and compelling medical need to see them that day, but, if you fail to turn up on time, you are likely to lose your slot and will have to re-book again for another day. In general, if you are just a few minutes late, clinicians will try to see you, but you may well have to have to wait until they have seen patients who have arrived on time – and that could mean waiting until the end of the clinician’s session. It is also possible that workload prevents the clinician seeing you on that day, meaning that you would have to re-book

If you are very late for a routine appointment (in practice, we’d see this as over 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment), it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to fit you in, unless you present with symptoms which, in our judgement, require same—day treatment. Please do try to let us know if you are going to be unavoidably late –we’ll let you know whether if it is still worth your while coming to the Surgery, or whether you should re-book for another day.