Coronavirus - Vaccine

04/10/21 - Medical exemption from vaccination - Covid pass

The NHS COVID Pass lets individuals share their COVID-19 vaccination records or test results in a secure way.

There may be occasion when you need to use this pass to demonstrate your vaccine status. For example gain entry to certain venues or work in a voluntary role.  

Click here if you need information on how to apply for official proof that, for medical reasons, you're unable to be vaccinated and/or tested for COVID-19.

27/09/21 - Covid-19 Booster campaign

We have now commenced the Covid-19 Booster Vaccination Campaign for our patients.

Please note the following information:

1) Booster doses are only being offered to patients in the original cohorts 1-9 (i.e. those who are over 50 years of age or have an underlying health condition listed in the eligible criteria. This also includes carers).


2) You must have had your second dose of vaccine MORE THAN 180 days prior to your booster dose. We are aware that text messages have been sent out centrally from the government but this time frame has not been taken into account in many cases. If you have received a text it does not mean you are due your jab - check the date of your second dose before trying to book.


3) We will be contacting registered patients when they are due their booster jab, regardless of where they had their first and second vaccines. You can still book through 119 at a community pharmacy or mass vaccination centre if you prefer. The system we use will notify us if you have done so and we will not contact you. We are adding patients to the system in date order based on when they had their second dose. If you were vaccinated here but aren't a registered patient, we will not contact you and you will need to speak to your own GP surgery or contact 119.


4) Our vaccine clinics are being held on Saturdays and Sundays at Cadbury Heath Health Centre, Parkwall Road. This allows us to vaccinate as many patients as possible from the 4 practices in our network without impacting on business-as-usual. Our staff are working overtime to cover these clinics, so please be kind when contacting us or attending your appointment.


5) Patients who are housebound or residents of care homes that we support will be visited by a member of our team to receive their booster dose.


Please do not contact the practice asking to be booked in - WE WILL CONTACT YOU when your dose is due. Our phone lines are very busy and need to be kept free for patients with other medical problems. The booster programme is due to run until mid-December so there will be plenty of opportunities for eligible patients to receive their vaccines.


Thank you for your continued support during this campaign


16/09/21 Covid-19 booster vaccinations and 3rd dose vaccinations

COVID-19 booster vaccinations and 3rd dose vaccination for Immunocompromised patients will commence on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September. 

These will be held at Cadbury Heath Health Centre and will be run by appointment only - there is no facility for walk-ins.

All eligible patients will be given the Pfizer vaccine. 

If you are eligible for a 3rd dose we will be in touch in due course and are aiming to do everyone over the next 2-3 months, vaccine delivery permitting.

Please remember this is a booster dose to prolong and strengthen the immunity your previous doses gave you.  

We ask that you do not call the surgery and please wait for us to contact you.

It is important to note that we will not be administering the flu vaccination at the same time as the Covid-19 vaccinations. Please book your flu vaccination appointment with the surgery as usual. 


Third dose vaccination for severely immunosuppressed aged 12+

The JCVI has advised that people with severely weakened immune systems should have a third COVID-19 vaccine dose.  This is separate to any potential COVID-19 booster vaccination.  There are national recommendations as to who is considered eligible for the third vaccine and General Practices are working with Hospital Specialists locally to identify those who should receive this.  There is no need contact the NHS. If you or your child is eligible for vaccination, we will contact you.

For more information see  JCVI issues advice on third dose vaccination for severely immunosuppressed - GOV.UK (


Covid Vaccines for 12-15 Year Olds

We are in the process of completing second doses for already-vaccinated patients, whilst also preparing for upcoming booster and flu jab clinics.

As demand for appointments has also increased dramatically we are unable to support vaccinating eligible 12-15 year old patients. We are awaiting information from the wider system on how these patients can access vaccines as currently they are unable to book through 119 or online. As soon as we have any information we will post it here.

We will be contacting patients who are 16 & 17 to offer them an appointment in existing upcoming second-dose clinics where we have spaces. However appointments are limited and once we are full we will have to direct remaining patients in this age group to the national booking service.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank our patients for their understanding.


UPDATE - 13/08/2021 16 & 17 YEAR OLDS

We have now made space in our upcoming clinics to vaccinate 16 & 17 year olds. We will be contacting patients via text, telephone and letter over the coming days to offer appointments on the 21st August and 8th September. Please do not call us to book as our phonelines are extremely busy.

If you don’t hear from us, please email us on to ensure we have the correct contact details for you.

Once these appointments are full we will direct patients to other vaccination sites to book their jabs. Please respond to our invite as soon as possible - otherwise you may miss out on having your vaccine locally.

Thank you.


15/06/21 - Vaccine delivery update - Calling all over 18's

The Prime Minister is delaying the final stage of the roadmap out of lockdown due to rising cases of the Delta variant.

The best way to prevent these increases in transmission is vaccination.

Alongside our network colleagues we are continuing to offer both first and second vaccines but sadly have had a number of patients either declining the vaccine or failing to attend a booked appointment.

We strongly urge all eligible patients to ensure they receive their vaccination and we are now inviting all patients aged over 18 via text message containing a link to book your own appointment.

We have found that we hold incorrect contact details for many patients, however, so ask that you contact us via email ( or by using the contact us form available on our website if you haven’t heard from us but think you should have.

Vaccination provides the route out of lockdown. The data shows that vaccines are effective in reducing serious illness and hospitalisation in patients.

Protect yourselves, protect others and book your vaccine appointment ASAP.


09/06/21  - Information for those requesting a different second dose Covid-19 vaccine to their first

An information document and form has been published for those people requesting a different vaccine to their first. The document includes details on what is known about the vaccine, why scientists suggest receiving the same vaccine for your first and second dose and the position in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

All patients requesting a different vaccine are required to sign their consent and produce the attached form at the vaccination centre that they attend. 

The full document is available here


13/05/21 - Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Covid-19 Vaccination Update

We are continuing to vaccinate patients aged under 40 and are working down in age order.

We will be sending invitations by text inviting patients to book their appointment via a link.

Please use this booking system if you are able as we are currently seeing a substantial increase in telephone enquiries.

If we do not have a mobile phone number on record for you, please email us ( including your name, date of birth and what number you would like us to use. We will then update our records and send you an invitation.

Thank you


29/04/2021 - Updated Covid-19 Vaccination Guides for Patients 

Please click on the title of the leaflet you wish to access

29/4/2021 - Covid-19 Vaccination Supplies 

Supplies of first dose COVID-19 vaccine are low at the moment, so we may not be able to book your vaccination appointment immediately. Please be assured that as soon as we have received supply, and once your age cohort becomes open, we will be in touch with you to book your vaccination. We ask that you please bear with us and know that we are working tirelessly to vaccinate people as quickly as possible using every potential slot and every dose of vaccine as soon as we receive it

22/04/2021 - Covid-19 Vaccination Update

We are continuing to invite eligible patients and are now concentrating on delivering second doses. 

Invites are being sent by text message, where possible, containing a link to our booking system allowing patients to book their own appointment at a convenient time.

Please only contact us if you are an eligible patient from the current cohorts and not yet received a first dose or if it is more than 84 days since your first dose. 

If you are thinking about declining the vaccine as you have concerns or questions, please visit the link below which should help.

09/04/2021 - Safety of the AstraZeneca Vaccination

For our population the benefits of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine outweigh any risks for the vast majority and you should still book your COVID-19 vaccine when asked to do so.

Recently, there have been reports of a very rare condition involving blood clots and unusual bleeding after vaccination. Although this condition remains extremely rare there appears to be a higher risk in people shortly after the first dose of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

Around 4 people develop this condition for every million doses of AZ vaccine doses given. This is seen slightly more often in younger people and tends to occur between 4 days and 2 weeks following vaccination. This is being carefully reviewed but the risk factors for this condition are not yet clear.

This condition can also occur naturally, and clotting problems are a common complication of COVID-19 infection. An increased risk has not yet been seen after other COVID-19 vaccines but is being carefully monitored.

Following advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), we will be offering people under 30 who have not yet had their first COVID-19 vaccination, a choice of vaccine other than AZ. If you choose to have an alternative vaccine you may have to wait to be protected. You may wish to go ahead with the AZ vaccination after you have considered all the risks and benefits for you.

If you are under 30 years of age and in cohort 2 (health and social care worker), Cohort 4 (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable CEV) or cohort 6 (Clinically vulnerable, a carer or live with an immunocompromised person) then please email us at or call 0117 9352318 and speak to one of our Patient Care Co-ordinators who will add you to a list we can contact when alternative vaccines become available.

If you are under 30 and not in the above cohorts please do NOT contact the practice until you are called for your vaccine but you may find the link and the attached information useful to help you decide.

This leaflet (link) from Public Health England provides more information about the benefits and risks of the AZ COVID-19 vaccination.

Also the PDF attached produced by Cambridge University looks at risk benefits. You have to consider relative risk which is a difficult concept.

What are my options:

  1. Remain unvaccinated and at risk of contracting Covid , becoming very unwell or being left with Long Covid but accepting this risk which is small of becoming very ill. (See chart for your own risk of this)
  2. Accepting the vaccination when called and being protected against serious illness and Long Covid symptoms but accepting the risk. (See chart for your own risk of this.)

If you have already had a first dose of AZ vaccine without suffering a blood clot as a side effect, you should have your second dose. This includes people aged 18 to 29 years who are health and social care workers and unpaid carers.

The benefits of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine outweigh any risks for the vast majority of people and you should still book your COVID-19 vaccine when asked to do so.


11/03/2021 - Vaccination invites

We are continuing to invite eligible patients and have a number of upcoming vaccination clinics.

Invites are being sent by text message, where possible, containing a link to our booking system allowing patients to book their own appointment at a convenient time.

We are finding, however, that a number of patients are failing to respond to these messages. We are limited on the number of invitations we can issue at one time and 'non-responders' are preventing us from issuing further invitations.Our Patient Care Co-ordinators are contacting non-responding patients at every opportunity however this is a time consuming exercise that in turn limits the time they have available to receive incoming telephone calls from patients.

If you receive a text message from us but have already received your vaccine elsewhere it would be really helpful if you could let us know via email ( Please ensure you include your full name and D.O.B in the email.

If you are an eligible patient (i.e. in cohort 1 - 6) and not yet heard from us please let us know (again by email if possible). A large number of patients do not contact us when they change mobile phone number and their records are found to be out of date.

If you are thinking about declining the vaccine as you have concerns or questions, please visit the link below which should help.

23/02/2021 - Unpaid carers and the covid-19 vaccination

Unpaid carers are defined as those who are eligible for a carer’s allowance, or those who are the sole or main carer of an elderly or disabled person who is at increased risk of COVID-19 mortality and therefore clinically vulnerable. To be eligible, carers must deliver personal care to the individual at risk. This does not include for example, shopping or cleaning.

Carers already registered with your GP, Local Authority, local Carers Support Centre or who are eligible for a carer’s allowance do not have to do anything.

You will be invited for a vaccination either by your GP or through the COVID-19 Vaccination National Booking Service. Please, don’t contact your GP, wait until you are called directly.

Please do not be concerned if you are invited for vaccination more than once. For example, if you are registered as a carer with your GP and you receive carer’s allowance, you may receive 2 invitations. Please only book one appointment.

All other carers - Don’t worry - you will still have the opportunity to be vaccinated. A national system is being developed which will enable you to self-identify as a carer and book a vaccination. Further information on this system will be available in the coming weeks.

Please do not be concerned if you are not contacted immediately for vaccination or have to wait a short while to book an appointment.

Don’t forget, if you want additional support as a carer, or know of someone who does, please contact the Carers Support Centre. They can be contacted via: or 0117 965 2200

22/02/2021 - Cohort 6

We are receiving lots of calls from patients asking when they will be vaccinated. Sadly, some of these patients are being demanding and abusive towards our staff.

Priority Group 6 is large and covers a wide age range, and many health conditions. If you believe you are in Cohort 6, please do not contact the NHS - we will contact you. We appreciate that it can be confusing for individuals to know if they belong to one group or another. At this stage we are following a series of nationally defined criteria and that allows us to contact the people we want to come forward for vaccination.

We are working tirelessly to vaccinate our patients as quickly as possible using every potential slot and every dose of vaccine as soon as we receive it. Please be patient and kind to our staff; we will be in touch when it is your turn.

14/01/2021- Covid-19 vaccination: please wait your turn to be called

While a vaccination programme of this scale will take some time, we can assure you that everyone who needs the vaccine will be offered it. We ask that you don’t contact your practice directly – we will contact you when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

Staff are working tirelessly to ensure the necessary measures are in place for those most at risk to get their vaccine first. To do this, we are following a nationally set prioritisation order, from which we are unable to deviate.

The priority list from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is as follows:

  1. residents in a care home for older adults and their carers*
  2. all those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers
  3. all those 75 years of age and over
  4. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  5. all those 65 years of age and over
  6. all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality
  7. all those 60 years of age and over
  8. all those 55 years of age and over
  9. all those 50 years of age and oveR

*Please note that 'carers' in this context refers to care home staff. If you are a personal or family carer you will be vaccinated within your age-related or clinically vulnerable group if that applies to you.

It is estimated that taken together, these groups represent around 99% of preventable mortality from COVID-19. You can find out more about the local roll-out in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire here: COVID-19: Mass vaccination - Healthier Together (

05/01/20 - Health & Social Care Workers

If you are a registered patient with us and work in one of the settings listed below, please email us with your details in order to be added to our health and social care workers register - 
Please include in the subject header “Covid-19 Vaccination – Healthcare Worker”.

Along with your name, date of birth, contact email address and current telephone number we will also need the details of your employer.
We cannot at this stage offer you a specific appointment but will contact you if the option for an appointment arises. Please note that these appointments are likely to be at short-notice as they will have come from other eligible patients who have cancelled an appointment or have not attended.

You will be asked to provide evidence of your employment when you attend for the vaccination – this must be in the form of a payslip (dated within the last month) a valid staff ID badge or a letter (dated within the last month) from your employer confirming your employment. If you are unable to provide this you will not be able to receive the vaccine.

To qualify, we are currently asking for patients who work in the following settings to contact us:

- Nursing & residential homes

- Dental surgeries

- Pharmacies

- Opticians

- Other NHS funded healthcare provider settings

We appreciate there are many other patients employed in critical worker roles who would wish to be vaccinated however at this time we can only offer appointments (when they become available) to patients in the above categories. As eligibility criteria widens we will be proactively contacting patients to offer appointments.

Thank you.


Following extensive trials, the first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine has been approved in the UK and is now available to priority groups.

Vaccinations are being delivered according to priority groups identified by the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). The vaccinations may not take place at your GP practice, but rather a local vaccination service (led by GPs, practice nurses and community pharmacists) who are responsible for delivering the vaccine to people in your community.

When it is the right time for you to receive your vaccination, you will receive an invitation to come forward. This may be via the phone, or through a letter either from your GP or the national booking system.

We know lots of people will be eager to get protected but we are asking people not to contact us to get an appointment as you will not be able to get one until you are contacted.

14/12/20 - Local Clinics

Hanham Health is working closely with 3 other local surgeries in our network to deliver the vaccine to the first identified priority group. 
We are contacting patients and ask that you do not contact us. When it is your turn, we will contact you. Thank you.

14/12/20 - Covid-19 vaccination - A guide for adults

Public Health England have devised this guide explaining what the vaccine is and who is eligible. 

16/12/20 - One day closure of Oldland Surgery

Due to the commencement of the Covid-19 vaccination programme it has been necessary for us to close the Oldland surgery on Wednesday 16th December 2020.

If you have a medical concern that you feel is urgent for the same day, please contact our team on 0117 935 2318.

Our team will be available as normal to handle all telephone enquiries and if, following triage by a clinician, it is felt an examination is necessary patients will be invited to attend Hanham Surgery.

NHS 111 is also available at all times for medical advice or you can visit a local pharmacist for advice on common health problems.

We thank you for your co-operation during this time.